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Main Appraisal Services

Appraisal by purpose

  • Appraisal for asset trading, exchanging and evaluation
  • Appraisal for real estate securitization
  • Appraisal of collateral (e.g. general collateral, and foundation mortgage)
  • Appraisal for acquisition (lending) of land for public use or for public auction
  • Appraisal for financial accounting (e.g. real estate for sale, fixed assets, and real estate for leasing)
  • Pre- and post-appraisal of real estate in urban re-development/land lot readjustment projects
  • Appraisal for business restructuring (e.g. civil rehabilitation, corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy)
  • Appraisal for business succession (e.g. corporate evaluation, M&As, evaluation of unlisted stocks)
  • Appraisal for negotiations/ lawsuits (e.g. renewal of rent, rent for new lease, and compensation for eviction)
  • Appraisal for inheritance and tax planning (e.g. inheritance, investment in kind)
  • Appraisal for environmental evaluation (e.g. evaluation of green buildings)
  • Public land appraisal (e.g. land price publication, real estate tax, and benchmark land price for inheritance tax purpose)

Appraisal by asset type/right

  • Appraisal by asset type (e.g. offices, residence, logistics, and commercial facilities)
  • Appraisal of land for special purpose (e.g. golf courses, hotels, leisure facilities, and health care facilities)
  • Appraisal of special land category (e.g. farmland, forest land, holding pond, cemetery, beach sites, and railroad sites)
  • Appraisal of special rights (e.g. air rights, sectional surface rights, easement, leasehold, rented house rights, mining rights, hot spring rights and memberships)

Real estate brokerage

  • The brokerage and management of retail, house, apartments, condominiums.